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The class MY is a class of diesel-electric locomotives built in the years 1954–65 by NOHAB. A total of 59 units, numbered 1101–1159, were delivered to the Danish State Railways. Powered by GM-EMD engines, the locomotives represented a significant change in rolling stock policy — motive power had largely been sourced from within Denmark for several decades. In the early 50s the DSB was starting to look for a new type of motive power that could replace steam locomotives in Denmark. The DSB ordered the first four units which arrived at Helsingør in 1954. The locomotives quickly became very popular among both passengers and crew. Units 1101–1105 and 1145–1159 had a 1,700 horsepower (1,300 kilowatts), whilst units 1106–1144 had a 1,950 horsepower (1,450 kilowatts). In their early years the locomotives hauled express trains (later known as InterCity) and heavy freight services, but in their later years they were transferred to smaller regional and light freight services. In the 1980s and 90s the DSB began to have less and less need for them, and the last ordinary MY-hauled train ran in 2001. One unit however, 1135, is now a special service locomotive which runs special trains, so DSB

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