Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand

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About Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand

The Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand (2005-2009) was a political party in New Zealand that promoted greater participation by the people in the decision-making of government. The party's leader was Kelvyn Alp. It was one of the few parties in New Zealand that openly challenged the current monetary system and actively promoted solutions to irredeemable debt. It aimed to establish a system of binding referendums (similar to the Landsgemeinde used in parts of Switzerland) for all major decisions. The Party also advocated for a New Zealand Constitution to protect and enshrine the rights and freedoms of the people. In 2005 the Direct Democracy Party gained official registration as a political party. It fielded 32 party members in the 2005 elections, but won only 782 votes (or 0.03% of the total vote), failing to get any MPs into parliament. The party did not apply for broadcasting funding in 2008, nor did it submit a party list. The official results for the party vote in that year's election recorded no votes for the DDP. The party's registration was cancelled at its own request on 30 June 2009.

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