Detroit Public Schools

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About Detroit Public Schools

  • Locations served: Detroit
  • Schools: Renaissance High School
  • Highest grade taught:

Detroit Public Schools (DPS) is a school district that covers all of the city of Detroit, Michigan, United States. The student population of the Detroit Public Schools is about 66,000 (2011–12). Detroit Public Charter Schools educate an additional 56,000 students for a combined total of approximately 122,000. The district has its headquarters in the Fisher Building of the New Center area of Detroit. Detroit Public Schools has grown in area with the city. Some of the schools in the district began as part of other school districts, such as various Greenfield Township and Springwells Township districts before these districts were made part of the Detroit Public Schools as the areas they covered were annexed to the city of Detroit. In 1917, the board membership was changed from ward-based to at-large elections. In 1999, the Michigan Legislature removed the locally elected board of education amid allegations of mismanagement and replaced it with a reform board appointed by the mayor and governor. The elected board of education returned following a city referendum in 2005. The first election of the new eleven member board of education, with four chosen at-large and seven by district,

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