De Prony brake

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About De Prony brake

  • Dimension measured: Torque
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The de Prony Brake is a simple device invented by Gaspard de Prony to measure the torque produced by an engine. The term "brake horsepower" is one measurement of power derived from this method of measuring torque. (Power is calculated by multiplying torque times rotational speed.) Essentially the measurement is made by wrapping a cord or belt around the output shaft of the engine and measuring the force transferred to the belt through friction. The friction is increased by tightening the belt until the frequency of rotation of the shaft is reduced. In practice more engine power can then be applied until the limit of the engine is reached. In its simplest form an engine is connected to a rotating drum by means of an output shaft. A friction band is wrapped around half the drum's circumference and each end attached to a separate spring balance. A substantial pre-load is then applied to the ends of the band, so that each spring balance has an initial and identical reading. When the engine is running the frictional force between the drum and the band will increase the force reading on one balance and decrease it on the other. The difference between the two readings is used to calculate

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