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The DB V 160 locomotive family comprises several classes of closely related 4 axle diesel-hydraulic locomotives built in the 1960s and 1970s for the Deutsche Bundesbahn which take the moniker from the earliest built model: the 'DB Class V 160'. The DB Classes V 160 (later 216 and 215), V 162 (later 217), V 164 (later 218), V 169 (later 219) and DB Class 210 comprise the family, being supplemented by the DBAG Classes 225 and 226, formed from original rebuilt machines. They are formed the backbone of non-shunting locomotive diesel traction in Germany up to the 1990s, and continued to do so along with the Class 232 locomotives of the former Deutsche Reichsbahn in the 2000s. The first post-WWII diesel heavy-duty locomotives, such as the DB Class V 200, had two engines of 800/980 kW each. That concept proved very expensive in maintenance; therefore, in the mid-1950s, construction began for a medium-duty single engine locomotive. In 1960, the first production run of ten units was manufactured, each with one 1,320 kW engine. The name comes from its engine power in horsepower–1600 hp, V standing for Verbrennungsmotor. Maximum speed was either 80 or 120 km/h (50 or 75 mph) (depending on the

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