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The DB Class V 65 locomotives (from 1968: Class 265) were German, eight-wheeled, rod-coupled diesel locomotives operated by Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) intended for light railway services and medium-heavy shunting duties. The 15 locomotives were delivered in 1956 by MaK (Kiel) to the DB. Class V 65/Class 265 engines were delivered to the DB shortly after the arrival in service of the first V 60s. Amongst their special features were the MaK motor with only 750 rpm and the Beugniot lever between the individual axles, that improved curve running. For train heating the engine had a boiler that was heated by the engine's exhaust gases. The engine itsel had to be pre-heated with a Dofa coke oven. For this purpose up to 100 kg of coke could be carried. Although, with only 15 units, the Class V 65 was built in relatively small numbers, it was really only a slight modification of the 600 D built by MaK for private railways. These belonged to the so-called MaK rod-coupled locomotives (MaK-Stangenlokomotiven), that were operated in large numbers by private railways. Their power ranged between 240 PS and 1200 PS. The locomotives were initially deployed in the area of Marburg/Lahn ahead of light

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