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The DB Class V 60 is a German diesel locomotive operated by the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) and later, the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG), which is used particularly for shunting duties, but also for hauling light goods trains. Seventeen locomotives were bought used by the Norwegian State Railways and designated NSB Di 5. Also the Yugoslav Railways bought used units, and designated them JŽ 734; they were subsequenty designated Series 2133 by the Croatian Railways. The DB had a shortage of small shunters. As a result, in 1951, a diesel shunter was designed, almost all the major locomotive firms being involved in its development and production. The new class was initially called the V 60. In 1955 the first prototype locomotives, V 60 001–004, were delivered by Krupp, Krauss-Maffei, Mak and Henschel, each having different engines. Later that same year orders for the first production locomotives were issued; they were to have GTO 6 or GTO 6A motors from Maybach. Several of the locomotives were given a stronger frame and had a higher adhesive weight of 53 tonnes (52 long tons; 58 short tons) instead of 48.3–49.5 tonnes (47.5–48.7 long tons; 53.2–54.6 short tons). In addition these engines could

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