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Custodian helmet or centurion helmet, technically known as a 'Home Office pattern helmet', is a helmet worn by many policemen in England and Wales. The helmet is the traditional headgear of the "bobby on the beat", worn by male constables and sergeants on foot patrol in England and Wales (a peaked cap is worn by officers on mobile patrol in cars). Its design is based on the late Victorian British Army Home Service helmet, which was itself based on the Pickelhaube. It was adopted by the Metropolitan Police in 1863 to replace the top hat formerly worn, and other forces soon followed suit, although often introducing their own particular styles. In the 1930s the Home Office attempted (somewhat unsuccessfully) to encourage forces to abandon their own helmet designs and use the Metropolitan Police rosetop style of the helmet with a Brunswick star plate (badge), this became known as the "Home Office pattern". In practice many forces continued to use their own style of helmet & plate. The terms "custodian" & "centurion" are trade names introduced by the manufacturer Compton Webb and others, but have recently been taken by some to collectively refer to all British police helmets in general.

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