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About Comidor

  • Tags: Task, Collaboration, Project Management, CRM, Business Intelligence
  • Platforms: Web, Android

Comidor is an online business collaboration platform based on cloud technology offering a vast amount of tools to facilitate not only collaboration but also project management, CRM, Finance and Business Intelligence.
Basic Comidor features:

  • Reports, Diagrams and Advanced Business Analytics can be created, viewed and extracted from all units and packages
  • Task Management. Create your personal tasks and assignements to other users.
  • Chat and video call with all your colleagues
  • Embedded mail client. Link all your e-mails at Comidor and check them at a glance.
  • Calendar view of all tasks and orders.
  • Events with reminders option in order not to miss anything.
  • Topics unit for internal discussion
  • Creation and tracking issues
  • Workflows that can be linked with issues and having each step assigned to different users or user groups
  • Contact, Account and Personnel management
  • Document Management system. Upload, save, edit, share, link your data with everybody and check also their versions.
  • CRM package includes email campaigns, opportunities management and products catalog
  • Project Management package includes all the appropriate units to organize and implement the resources, the cost and the scheduling of a project
  • Finance unit is here to organize your financial data. Income, Expenses and Budgeting help you to create a whole overview of the financial state of your business at anytime.
  • Everything can be linked with everything. Activity history and separate link button shows with what a task for example has been linked

For more information visit https://www.comidor.com where you can try also our demo version..

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