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Columbus City Schools, formerly known as Columbus Public Schools, is the official school district for the city of Columbus, Ohio, and serves most of the city (portions of the city are served by suburban school districts). The district has over 56,000 students enrolled, making it the largest school district in the state of Ohio as of August 2006. At its peak during the 1971 school year the district served 110,725 students. The first school built in the area which is now part of Columbus was a log cabin school-house built in Franklinton, in 1806. It wasn't until 1845 that the state of Ohio Legislature entrusted the management of Columbus schools to a Board of Education. Two years later the school board elected Dr. Asa Lord as the district's first superintendent. Dr. Gene T. Harris currently serves as the 19th superintendent of Columbus City Schools. For most of its history, the district has been referred to as "Columbus Public Schools". In August 2007, the district decided to begin using its official name of "Columbus City Schools." Although technically the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case made segregation in schools illegal, some schools were still segregated by the

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