Cleveland Municipal School District

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  • Schools: Jane Addams High School
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Cleveland Metropolitan School District (formerly the Cleveland Municipal School District) is a school district that serves almost all of the city of Cleveland in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States. CMSD is the only district in Ohio that is under direct control of the mayor, who appoints a school board. The Cleveland district is the largest PreK-12 district in the state, with a 2006-2007 enrollment of 55,567 students. The mayor was given control of the city schools after a series of elected school boards were deemed ineffective by city voters. The school board appoints a chief executive officer, the equivalent of a district superintendent, who is responsible for district management. In 2009 Cleveland Schools had the nation's third highest high school dropout rate and graduation rate following Detroit with the number one spot. Dr. Eugene Sanders became Cleveland's school chief on July 1, 2006. Sanders experienced success in his previous role as Superintendent of the Toledo Public Schools (of Toledo, Ohio). Sanders was chosen after a nationwide search produced several candidates for the position, some of which later were disqualified or withdrew candidacy due to personal and

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