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A clarity meter is an instrument used to measure the transparency of an object.Clarity refers to the optical distinctness with which an object can be seen when viewed through plastic film/sheet,glass,etc. In the manufacture of sheeting/film,or glass the quantitative assessment of clarity is just as important as that of haze. Clarity meter has another name based on the inventor George Metyas called a metyometer. Clarity depends upon the linearity of the passage of light rays through the material. Small deflections of the light, caused by scattering centers of the material, bring about a deterioration of the image. These deflections are much smaller than those registered in haze measurements. While haze measurements depend upon wideangle scattering, clarity is determined by small-angle scattering. Wide and small angle scattering are not directly related to each other. By this, we mean that haze measurements cannot provide information about the clarity of the specimen and vice versa.

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