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Christopher Onstad (born June 14, 1975) is a writer, cartoonist, and artist known best for Achewood, a regularly updated webcomic. He was born in California and grew up in a small town near Sonora, in the Sierra foothills. Onstad attended Stanford University, where he edited the Stanford Chaparral humor magazine. Onstad has published several books: nine anthologies of Achewood comics; a humorous cookbook featuring recipes purportedly invented by the strip's characters; A Wonderful Tale—a book "written by" a character from the strip; and that same character's second novel A Hilarious Comedy. He has also published six editions of Man Why You Even Got To Do A Thing, an Achewood-centric zine. Onstad reveals little of his private life online, but it is known that he currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Liz. She assists him as an accountant on the sale of Achewood merchandise. They have a daughter, born on March 14, 2005. Onstad recently had a section on his website about his daughter, titled "current kid status", which he updated regularly with stories and happenings. These are collected in the self-published book Current Baby Status - The Collected Archive. On the subject

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