Castle - Season 8, Episode 22: Crossfire

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About Castle - Season 8, Episode 22: Crossfire

As the rest of the team investigates a body found burned in the trunk of a car, Castle, Beckett and Vikram are given instructions from Loksat via the phone for Caleb to deliver a flash drive to Loksat's accountant. Espo later calls Beckett to say the body in the trunk was identified as Caleb. The dropoff is a trap, resulting in a shootout. Castle and Beckett are saved by Mason Wood (Gerald McRaney) of the L.A. detectives' club. Castle goes home to check on his family, while Beckett learns who torched Caleb. Impatient, Castle goes to find Beckett but is captured by Loksat's henchman and is given a truth serum which jeopardizes everyone he has told about Loksat. Beckett is picked up by Mason, who is soon exposed as Loksat. The precinct saves Castle from death, and he must save Beckett from Loksat. Back home safely, Castle is shot by Caleb, who is then killed by Beckett. Wounded, she crawls to Castle. Seven years later, the two enjoy breakfast while their three children play.

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