British Rail Class D2/7

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About British Rail Class D2/7

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  • Built by: Hudswell Clarke

British Rail Class D2/7 was a locomotive commissioned by British Rail in England. It was a diesel powered locomotive in the pre-TOPS period built by Hudswell Clarke with a Gardner engine. The mechanical transmission, using a scoop control fluid coupling and three-speed Power-flow SSS (synchro-self-shifting) gearbox , was a Hudswell Clarke speciality. The D2/7 was of old-fashioned appearance with a full-height engine casing and a small, steam locomotive-type chimney. The later British Rail Class D2/12, although mechanically similar, was of more modern appearance. A kit is available from Invertrain in 7mm Scale ( O Gauge) Mercian Models make kits for this locomotive and the very similar industrial version, in both 4mm and 7mm scale. List of British Rail classes

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