British Rail Class 901

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The Class 901 designation is used for two former British Rail Class 101 diesel multiple units converted for departmental use. They were reclassified from the Class 960 series in early 2004 by their owner Network Rail. The two units are described below. This unit was converted in 1986 from a Class 101 power-twin unit. It was rebuilt as an Ultrasonic Test Train, replacing the former-Derby Lightweight unit that was previously used for this task. The unit was substantially rebuilt, including new headlight clusters, sealing of many windows, and later fitting of video and floodlight equipment for night-time use. The unit also incorporates a heavily-modified former Class 432 4Rep driving motor vehicle, which is now an intermediate trailer. The Units Class 101 Power Cars are unique, as they are the only first generation DMU cars to have been converted to Air Brakes (both Westinghouse and Electro-Pnumatic). Most of the brake equipment came from former Class 50 Diesel Electric Locomotives, with some parts from ex-Southern Region EMU stock. All first generation DMUs were fitted with Vacuum Brakes from new. The Power Cars DB 977391/392 are both now resident on the Churnet Valley Railway,for

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