British Rail Class 70

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The Class 70 is a six axle Co-Co mainline freight GE PowerHaul locomotive series manufactured by General Electric in Erie, Pennsylvania. The use of the class 70 TOPS designation is the second on the British railway system, the first was for a class of electric locomotives, see British Rail Class 70 (electric). The orders in 2007 for 30 units for Freightliner for operations in the United Kingdom were the first orders for the PowerHaul type; General Electric's product code for the class of loco is PH37ACmi. In November 2007, Freightliner UK announced Project Genesis (unrelated to GE's Genesis series built for Amtrak), a procurement plan for 30 freight locomotives from General Electric. The locomotives ordered were intended to match older types in terms of haulage capacity whilst at the same time being more fuel efficient. The project was a collaborative effort between Freightliner and GE, with input from drivers on the cab design. The locomotives utilize a GE PowerHaul P616 diesel engine rated at 2,750 kW (3,690 hp). the locomotive meets EU Tier IIIa emission regulations. Freightliner expects that the locomotive's efficiency is 7% better than contemporary models, with a further 3%

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