British Rail Class 67

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The Class 67 locomotives are a class of Bo'Bo' diesel electric mainline locomotives which were built for the English, Welsh and Scottish Railway between 1999 to 2000 by Alstom at Meinfesa in Valencia, Spain with drive components (engine and transmission) from General Motors Diesel. EMD's designation for this locomotive type is JT 42HW-HS. Rail enthusiasts have nicknamed the class 'skips'. Thirty locomotives were ordered in a £45million contract split between Alstom and General Motors. for use by the English, Welsh and Scottish Railway (EWS) as British Rail Class 47 replacements for use on high-speed mail trains and passenger trains. The locomotives were obtained on a 15 year lease via Angel Trains. The bodyshell is a monocoque load bearing Alstom design, the bogies are an "H" frame Alstom design, The engine, traction motors and control electronics are GM-EMD products, and the same as used in the British Rail Class 66. Unlike the Class 66, the traction motors are frame mounted rather than axle hung to reduce unsprung mass and the gear ratio is increased allowing higher speeds. The cab design has a central driving position. The locomotives are able to supply electric head end power

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