British Rail Class 57

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The Class 57 diesel locomotives were introduced by Brush Traction between 1997-2004. They are rebuilds, with reconditioned EMD engines, of former Class 47 locomotives, originally introduced in 1962-68. The Class 57 is a re-engineered locomotive, rebuilt by Brush Traction at Loughborough from redundant Class 47 locomotives. The locomotives are fitted with a refurbished EMD engine and a reconditioned alternator, improving reliability and performance. Three variants exist, one for freight and two for passenger operations. At £500,000 it was about one-third the cost of a new build locomotive. The class has its origins in 1997 when Freightliner ordered an initial six locomotives. In 2000 a prototype locomotive was converted with electric train heating, with a view to obtaining orders from passenger companies. They are known as "Bodysnatchers", or "Zombies" to enthusiasts, by virtue of the fact that the shell (body) of the Class 47 has been stripped, rewired and re-engined and as "GM"s due to them being "genetically modified" with General Motors equipment. Direct Rail Services currently operate nine 57/0s, comprising 57002-57003 and 57007-57012 leased from Porterbrook and 57004 purchased

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