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The Class 377 Electrostar is a British electric multiple-unit train (EMU) built by Bombardier Transportation at its Derby Works, from 2001 to the present. The Electrostar family, which also includes Classes 357, 375, 376, 378, and 379, is the most numerous type of EMU built in the post-privatisation period of Britain's railways. It forms the major part of the Southern fleet. The units work suburban services in south London, and rural commuter services to Sussex, Kent and the South Coast, on which they replaced the old 4Cig and 4Vep slam-door stock. Built in the early 2000s, the units had a troubled introduction: being fully air-conditioned, their higher power consumption compared to the slam-door Mark 1-based stock that they replaced led to major upgrades being required to the 750 V DC third-rail power supply used in the former Southern region. The collapse of Railtrack following the Hatfield accident further delayed this upgrade work and the new stock did not enter squadron service until 2003. Class 377s are fitted with external CCTV. There is a disabled seating area, and both the intermediate coaches have toilets. Bodyside power doors are electrically operated, a move away from

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