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The British Rail Class 22 or "Baby Warship" was a class of diesel-hydraulic locomotives designed for the Western Region of British Railways and built by the North British Locomotive Company. They were very similar in appearance to the Class 21 diesel-electrics. The nickname Baby Warship related to the similarity in appearance (and internal equipment) to the British Rail Class D20/2 or Class 41 Warship Class. D6300 was introduced to traffic in 1959 and deliveries continued through until 1962. The Class 22s were allocated to Bristol Bath Road, Laira Plymouth, Newton Abbot and Old Oak Common. The majority of the class always operated in the West of England, on a range of local passenger and freight work, with smaller numbers of the later units operating on local work in the Bristol and around London Paddington (notably moving empty carriages between the main station and Old Oak Common yard). Initially the locomotives had some problems with engine and transmission faults, but could be returned to North British Locomotive Works (NBL) for repair under the contractual agreement. By 1961, reliability had improved. With the more powerful Hymeks and Warships being available, the locomotives

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