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The British Rail Class 21 was a type of Type 2 diesel-electric locomotive built by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow for British Railways in 1958-1960. Since 2007, the Class 21 TOPS classification has been reused for new Vossloh G1206 locomotives acquired by Euro Cargo Rail/EWS. Under the British Railways Modernisation Plan, a batch of ten 1,000 hp (746 kW) diesel-electric locomotives were ordered from the North British Locomotive Co. for evaluation under BR's dieselisation pilot scheme. At the same time, six externally similar locomotives employing hydraulic transmission were ordered for comparison, these becoming Class 22. Repeat orders resulted in a total of 58 of the diesel-electric locomotives being built (numbered D6100–6157). They were delivered between December 1958 and November 1960. The first 38 locomotives entered service in 1958-59 from the Eastern Region depots at Stratford, Hornsey and Ipswich engine shed on commuter services into London, where they were evaluated against rival designs from English Electric, British Railways, Birmingham RC&W and Brush. They were only used in this area for one or two years before all being transferred to the Scottish

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