British Rail Class 206

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The British Rail Class 206 or 3R was a type of Diesel electric multiple unit (DEMU) first created in 1964. They were not 'built' as such but rather re-formed from Class 201 and EPB vehicles for use on Reading-Redhill-Tonbridge (North Downs Line) services. Six three-car sets were created, numbered 1201-1206. By 1964, the majority of services on the Southern Region of British Railways had been converted to diesel and electric operation. However, steam locomotives continued to operate the entire service on the North Downs Line. New trains for this route could not be justified as passenger numbers were relatively low. Twelve carriages from class 201 diesel-electric units were available for use following service cuts on the Hastings Line, so a decision was made to combine these vehicles with six redundant driving trailers from 2-EPB electric multiple units (EMU). Several changes were made to the vehicles before they entered service. The EPB vehicles were fitted with buckeye couplers to allow them to attach to the DEMU vehicles. A three-bay luggage area was created in the former EMU carriages to cope with the high level of mail traffic on the Reading to Tonbridge route, while the engines

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