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The Class 171 Turbostar is a type of diesel multiple unit (DMU) built by Bombardier Transportation (previously ADtranz) at their Litchurch Lane Works in Derby, England which is identical to the Class 170, except for the replacement of the BSI (Bergische Stahl Industrie) coupler with a Dellner coupler. This provision was made to allow emergency joining with Class 377 DC third-rail electric units. The vehicles work on the southern regions of the British railway system, mainly where there are no electric lines and no third rail. The Southern fleet are fitted with coupling devices (Dellner) different from other Turbostars, and are classified as Class 171 for this reason. The four-car units were built with the new couplers, but Class 170 two car units were fitted at a later date, and reclassified as Class 171/7 after the modification. Three more two-car units were later acquired, but these were built from new with the new couplers. Southern gained 170 392 from South West Trains. The coupler on this unit has also been changed to the Dellner type. The unit has been reclassified and renumbered from 170 392 to 171 730. Ironically this unit was first delivered carrying Southern livery and

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