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The British Rail Class 14 is a type of small diesel-hydraulic locomotive built in the mid-1960s. Twenty-six of these 0-6-0 locomotives were ordered in January 1963, to be built at British Railways Swindon Works. The anticipated work for this class was yard shunting, trip work (between local yards) and short distance freight trains. The order was expanded to 56 in mid-1963, before work had started on the first order. In July 1964, the first of a class of 56 locomotives appeared from Swindon Works. These were later designated as TOPS Class 14 by British Railways. They are known as 'Teddy Bears' by enthusiasts, following a comment by Swindon Works' foreman George Cole who quipped "We've built the Great Bear, now we're going to build a Teddy Bear!". In outline they resembled the Clayton Type 1 (Class 17) locomotives, having a cab which was nearly central with bonnets at each end, but with a fixed 0-6-0 wheel configuration rather than bogies as seen on all the other Type 1 classes. The locomotives were powered by a Paxman 6-cylinder Ventura 6YJXL engine producing 650bhp (484kW), connected to a Voith L217U hydraulic transmission and Hunslet gearbox. The axles were connected by coupling

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