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The British Rail Class 124 diesel multiple units were built by BR Swindon Works in 1960. The British Rail Class 124 was a class of initially six-car Diesel Multiple Units used and built specifically for the trans-pennine route. In the late 70s, the Class was merged with their Class 123 cousins that had been relocated from Reading services on Western region and towards the end of their days, ran as 4-car hybrid sets. They were all withdrawn in 1984 when their duties were taken over by Class 31/4, diesel electric locomotive hauled rakes of 4 coaches. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway had the idea of preserving at least one Driving unit (due to the cab windows allowing panoramic views), but the plan was scrapped when it was found that to remove the asbestos from the vehicle was cost prohibitive. The Class was not unique, the Class 124 DMUs sharing mechanical components with their sister Class 123 on Western Region and the Class 126. "Wrap-Round" windscreens where a feature that was also seen on the "Glasgow Blue Train" electric units (which were later relocated south onto the Manchester-Glossop service when the 1500dc overhead system was switched off (following the closure of Woodhead

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