British Rail Class 122

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The British Rail Class 122 diesel mechanical multiple units were built by Gloucester RC&W in 1958. Twenty single-car driving motor vehicles, called "Bubble Cars", were built, numbered 55000–55019. These were supplemented by nine trailer vehicles, numbered 56291–56299 (some of which were later renumbered into the 54291–54299 block). The Class 122s were built mainly for use on the London Midland Region of British Rail, although some were also used in Scotland. They were used on a variety of lightly used lines, many of which were closed during the Beeching Axe in the 1960s. Routes served included the Stourbridge Town and St Albans Abbey branch lines, as well as local services between Dundee and Arbroath. (The similar Pressed Steel Company built Class 121 single units were used on the Western Region). Three Scottish Region cars (55013–55015) were converted to carry parcels traffic and were reclassified Class 131, though the vehicles themselves were not renumbered. Upon privatisation of Britain's railways, the Class 122 fleet has been withdrawn from normal service. However several units were operated by EWS and Network Rail (previously Railtrack) in departmental service, reclassified as

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