British Rail Class 121

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Sixteen Class 121 single-car driving motor vehicles were built from 1960, numbered 55020–55035. These were supplemented by ten trailer vehicles, numbered 56280–56289 (later renumbered 54280–54289). They had a top speed of 70 mph, with slam-doors, and vacuum brakes. The driving motor vehicles were nicknamed "Bubble cars" by some enthusiasts (a nickname now endorsed by current operator Chiltern Railways). The Class 121 were built for use on the Western Region of British Rail. They were used on various lightly used branch lines, including the Looe branch line (and various other branch lines) in Cornwall, the branch lines off the main line in the Thames Valley, and the Greenford Branch Line in West London. Class 121s were built with distinctive exhaust pipes, designed to fit around a large four-digit route headcode indicator box at roof level. Use of the headcode indicator box was discontinued in the 1970s, so the indicator was removed and the hole plated-up when the units were refurbished. They also had a small destination indicator inside the top of the centre cab window. The similar Class 122 units had the small destination indicator in the cab roof in place of the large headcode

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