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British Railways Standard Class 5 No. 73050 is a preserved British steam locomotive. Unnamed in service, it has been named City of Peterborough; it is owned by Peterborough City Council and operated by the Nene Valley Railway on a 99 year lease. 73050 left Derby Works on 14 April 1954, and was chosen to represent the class at the "International Railway Congress, Willesden, London" between 26 and 29 May. After the exhibition, 73050 moved to its home shed of Bath Green Park to take up duties on the Somerset and Dorset (S&D) line from Bath to Bournemouth. 73050 was one of only 3 BR Standard Fives (73050 to 73052) to be built with the larger BR1G tender for working over this route. The only other locomotives to use these tenders were the large 9F 2-10-0s. 73050 sometimes piloted the famous "Pines Express". It remained on the S&D until 1964 when it was moved to Shrewsbury, before spending some time in store, actually being withdrawn from stock for a few weeks. In 1966 another move took 73050 to Agecroft, in Manchester, before finally ending up at Patricroft and eventual withdrawal in July 1968 having run approximately 825,000 miles. Letters in the Nene Valley Railway's archive indicate

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