Blood glucose meter

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A blood glucose meter is a small, portable, battery-powered device for personal or professional blood glucose monitoring. The device is used by diabetic, who need to be able to determine and track blood glucose levels to maintain their health. A specially treated test strip containing reactive chemicals is placed inside a blood glucose meter. A drop of blood is then taken from the fingertip or an alternate site(thigh, calf, forearm, upper arm can be used on certain meters)by using a lancing device, which shoots a sterile lancet into the skin with the press of a button. The blood sample is placed on the opposite end or top of the test strip, depending on the model of blood glucose meter. The blood reacts with the chemicals in the test strip causing a small electronic pulse to be sent into the meter which then calculates the level of glucose in the blood sample and shows the result in a digital display. Different makes of meters offer a variety of functions and data management capabilities to match individual testing needs. Newer models of meters, similar to the Freestyle Flash and Precision Xtra feature one-step sampling and readout: the chemically-treated strip is placed in

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