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Rustom Padilla (born on May 15, 1965) is a Filipino actor. He/she is the eldest sibling of actors Robin Padilla, Rommel Padilla, and Royette Padilla. Gandanghari, as Padilla, is best remembered as a former action star and matinee idol. Soon after revealing that he (now a "she") was transgendered (male-to-female) and after returning from the United States, Padilla changed his/her name to Bebe Gandanghari, short for "Binibining Gandanghari," as well as his/her physical structure and everything that reminds Filipinos about Rustom Padilla, to complement his/her new identity. Gandanghari, as Padilla, was previously married to actress Carmina Villaroel and hosted a franchised version of Wheel of Fortune via ABC 5. After his hosting stint, Rustom left the Philippines and studied filmmaking in the US. He was one of the 14 housemates in Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. On March 2, 2006 he came out of the closet on the show by revealing to fellow housemate Keanna Reeves that he is gay/transgender. On day 45 of the competition, Rustom opted to voluntarily leave the house. She (after coming out) recently appeared in the film version of the comic book Zsazsa Zaturnnah as the gay salon

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