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About Azendoo

  • Tags: Task, Message, Collaboration
  • Platforms: Web

Azendoo is a very useful online project management solution. Our web application allows you to easily organize and optimize your work and the collaboration with others. Stop wasting time sending emails, trying to find documents, chatting on the phone, or try to gather paper to-dos. The project management software Azendoo brings together all members of a project on the same collaboration platform . Project management is simplified, wether you belong to a very large company, an medium business or a startup. Azendoo is also great to manage your personal projects: wedding, birthday, meetings ... teamwork has never been so easy: Manage your tasks online, connect with colleagues, follow everyone progress or get a bird's-eye view of several projects simultaneously. Finally, if your always away from your office, Azendoo is ready to launch smartphone and tablet versions.