Aysun Kayacı

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Aysun Kayacı (born March 21, 1981 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a former Turkish model, current actress and presenter. Aysun Kayacı started her career at the age 15, when she appeared as receptionist hostess in commercial fairs and exhibitions stands. She was focused on modelling until 2005. She received the MGD national award in 2004 as "best Turkish model". As of 2005, she also started accepting roles in films and TV serials. She played in the feature film Kısık Ateşte 15 Dakika ("15 Minutes On Low Heat") in 2006, and she appeared in the TV series Zehirli Çiçek ("Poisonous Flower"), Doktorlar ("The Doctors") and Sessiz Gemiler ("Silent ships"), respectively in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Aysun Kayacı's modelling breakthrough came especially with a Pepsi Cola commercial shot in 2007, revolutionary in Turkey by reason of its message charged with eroticism – later toned down – and with its final moments picturing a cast of thousands. The advert's mini-play commences with a nerdy young Turkish male opening his refrigerator to find two cold cans of Pepsi Max. He retrieves them both and tosses one to his equally nerdy young male roommate. First young male pops the top of his can, lifts it to his

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