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About ATO Records

  • Artists: Ben Kweller
  • Releases: Boys & Girls

According to Our Records (or ATO Records) was founded in early 2000 by Dave Matthews (of the Dave Matthews Band), Coran Capshaw, Chris Tetzeli, and Michael McDonald as a division of RCA Records. ATO Records is based in New York City and currently distributes its records through RED Distribution, Sony Music's independent-distribution arm. ATO Records currently represents a diverse group of artists. The mission of ATO Records is to fully develop each artist and each release with sufficient time and attention. According to the official Web site, "there is no timeline, but there is a plan to build the label on the quality of the musicians." The first of its successes was David Gray, whose album White Ladder (and resulting single "Babylon") gained critical acclaim and popularity in the United States as well as abroad. The single "Babylon" climbed the charts in the United States and provided a good introduction for the record label into the music business. ATO Records currently distributes its records through RED Distribution, having severed ties with Sony and RCA in 2007.

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