Astrid van der Veen

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About Astrid van der Veen

Astrid van der Veen (born 26 February 1986 in Emmeloord, The Netherlands) is a Dutch singer. She is currently believed to live in Enschede. Astrid recorded her first solo album Beautiful Red in 2000, which is re-released as a special edition in 2006. She produced the album herself, and it is described as "alternative easy listening pianomusic". In 2005, she released a second solo album called Seamless Borderline, which was made available on the website of her current band, theEndorphins. Right now Astrid is working on her third solo-album. She is especially known for being the singer on Arjen Lucassen's Ambeon project, which released one album (Fate of a Dreamer) and a single (Cold Metal), both in 2001. The Cold Metal song was also featured on the Ayreonauts Only project (2000). Astrid's old official website (in Dutch) is no longer accessible since 2005, but all official information about her was available on the theEndorphins website. Her merchandise is also available on this website. Unfortunately, as of December 2008, this band's website seems to be inactive. A translated version of Astrid's old website, made by a fan, was accessible on It does however not

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