Anti-materiel rifle

Ranked #2 on the list Top 10 Weapons in The Fallout Series

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About Anti-materiel rifle

  • DMG / DPS: 110 / 49.3
  • Type: Gun
  • Found in game(s): New Vegas

This weapon is a bolt-action .50 caliber rifle that is designed for use against military equipment (or "materiel" in military language). The AMR is similar in design principle to that of a sniper rifle, delivering a high power shot at long distances with great accuracy, although chambered in a larger caliber for hardened targets. As such, the AMR has extremely high damage and low weapons spread and comes pre-equipped with a scope. The magnification level of the scope is 3.13x for this weapon. Offsetting this is its slow rate of fire resulting in a low damage-per-second and that the weapon itself weighs 20 pounds making it one of the heaviest shoulder fired weapons in the game. Additionally, its .50 MG ammunition is very uncommon, very expensive, and is heavy if carried in bulk on hardcore mode; a full box will be holding two pounds of ammunition without the Pack Rat perk. When fired from the hip (without aiming), the resulting recoil from the weapon's large caliber will result in the user being pushed backwards (evident in third-person view). Aiming down the scope will prevent this.

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