Amber Lynn

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About Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn (born Laura Lynn Allen on September 3, 1964, in Orange, California) is an American pornographic film actress, model, and exotic dancer. Amber Lynn was born Laura Lynn Allen, the youngest daughter of a retired Air Force officer. She had 4 brothers and an older sister who died at the age of two from an undetected heart defect. When Lynn was three, her parents divorced after it was discovered her father had a family with another woman. Shortly after, Lynn's mother suffered a nervous breakdown, and Lynn was placed in foster care where she was physically abused. At age 7, she was reunited with her mother. Shortly after, the two of them were involved in a car accident on the interstate; Lynn was thrown clear of the car while her mother, who was nearly decapitated, died at the scene. Lynn and her brothers were placed with her father and his new family; in total there were 8 boys and Lynn in the house. At age 11, her father died of alcoholism and heart failure. As a teenager, Lynn self-described her change as going from "pudgy kind of bucktoothed" tomboy to a "rocking little body". She started doing fitness modeling, bikini modeling, and hot body contests. She relocated to

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