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About Alliance

The Alliance is a left-wing political party in New Zealand. It was formed in 1991, and was influential in the 1990s, but has since declined and has no representation in parliament. It suffered a major setback after Jim Anderton, the party's leader, left the party in 2002, taking several of the party's MPs. After the remaining MPs lost their seats in the 2002 election, some commentators predicted the demise of the party. The Alliance stood candidates in the 2005 election but won less than 1% of the party vote. The Alliance contested Auckland City Council elections under the City Vision banner, in concert with the New Zealand Labour Party and Green Party. The Alliance ran 15 electorate candidates and a total of 30 candidates on the party list in the 2008 election, increasing its party vote marginally from 2005. A strongly left-wing party, the Alliance supports free education, free healthcare, the elimination of unemployment, and the maintenance of the welfare state. It also has an emphasis on women's rights, environmentalism, and Māori rights. It supports New Zealand's nuclear-free policy and believes that New Zealand should not participate in military actions in Afghanistan and

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