Allen Lawrence Pope

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About Allen Lawrence Pope

  • Participated in conflicts: Korean War

Allen Lawrence Pope (born 1928 or '29) is a retired US military and paramilitary aviator. Pope is a native of Miami, Florida and graduate of the University of Florida. Pope's early career was with the United States Air Force, in which he served with distinction flying bombing missions in the Korean War. In 1954 he transferred to the CIA, in which he served with distinction flying transport missions in the First Indochina War. In the Permesta rebellion in Indonesia in 1958, Pope flew bombing missions for the CIA. Indonesian government forces shot down his plane, captured Pope and held him under house arrest for just over four years. In 1960 an Indonesian court condemned him to death but in 1962 President Sukarno released him. Pope returned to the USA and subsequently flew CIA covert missions in other theaters. Pope is now retired and lives in the USA. In 2005 France made him a Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur for his service in Indochina. After university, Pope entered the USAF and served as a first lieutenant in the Korean War. He flew a Douglas B-26 Invader in combat, winning three Air Medals and a Distinguished Flying Cross. After the war the USAF returned Pope to the USA as an

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