All kinds of nanosensors

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About All kinds of nanosensors

  • Field: Bionanotechnology
  • Availability: Near future/distant future

Sensors are great! They tell us all kinds of things we want to know about our environment. But what if these sensors became incredibly small, and could fit anywhere? They could fit in your bloodstream, and give you diagnostics about your health. A concept called lab-on-a-chip could also make a great impact in the health industry. Imagine being in a foreign country, far from any modern hospitals. You’ve suddenly fallen ill to some disease. With the help of a portable medical kit, that includes chips with nanosensors, you could diagnose yourself instantly, without having to travel a long way to distant hospital. Such nanosensors could also be applied to national security inasmuch that we could make sensors to detect biohazards or other chemical dangers before they are present in quantities that are dangerous to humans.

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