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About Alfonso Wong

Alfonso Wong (Chinese: 王家禧, born 1924) is a popular Hong Kong manhua artist. In 1962, using his eldest son's name "Wong Chak" (王澤) as a pen-name, he created one of the longest running comic strip Old Master Q. He is also referred to as "Alphonso Wong". Wong was born in Tianjin, China. He studied Western art at Fu Jen Catholic University (北京辅仁大学) and was finished with school by 1944. In 1960 he resided permanently in Hong Kong. He was responsible for drawings in bibles for a French Catholic missionary there. He also became the art editor for a Hong Kong Catholic magazine, Le Feng (樂峰報). His career would begin in 1962, when he became the primary author for Old Master Q. The comic was one of the most influential piece of work in the pre-1997 days in Hong Kong before it was transferred back to China. It voiced the opinions of the citizens in an exaggerated comical sense that was able to bypass political censorship. From integration with mainlanders to the education gap, there were no limitations in the sensitive subjects being used to accompany his stories. The comic became legendary for maintaining popularity for over 40 years against endless competition with other HK manhua and

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