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Alec is a member of the Volturi and is one of the highest ranked guards. He has a twin sister named Jane. In the New Moon film adaptation, Cameron Bright has been cast to play Alec. Aro had his eye on the twins for many years, and decided to wait until they were older to change them. This changed when Aro was forced to slaughter the whole village because the humans believed them to be using witchcraft, and tried to burn them at the stake. Aro was now forced to change them while they were still young. They are now the most valued members of the guard, due to them being extremely powerful. It is said, that they are probably a pair of the most, if not the most powerful vampires in the world, and have the ability to take down vampires twice their size. New Moon is the first time Alec is featured. Jane is sent out into the castle to bring Edward to the rest of the guard, and Alec takes delight in teasing Jane for bringing back Alice and Bella too. Alec watched as Jane tests her powers on Edward and Bella and does not use his powers. Once Edward, Alice and Bella are permitted to leave, they must wait until midnight to go. Alec went to tell them when they could leave. Alec does not appear in Eclipse. Only his twin Jane appears. Jane is sent to clean up the newborn army that Victoria created. It is said that only three people came: Jane, Demetri, and Felix. Alec appears towards the end of Breaking Dawn, and plays a larger role. He, alongside his twin, Jane, accompany the rest of The Volturi guard to Forks to deal with the presumed immortal child. Jane and Alec were supposed to use their powers to give The Volturi an advantage. After Jane's powers were unsuccessful due to Bella's shield, Alec tried to use his powers. However, he too was unsuccessful at penetrating Bella's shield. When Jane became infuriated that her powers were useless on Bella, she prepared to spring and attack Bella. Alec stopped Jane by restricting her. After Renesmee Cullen was proven to be a spawn between human and vampire, he retreats to Volterra along with the rest of the Volturi.

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