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Airfone was a brand of air-ground radiotelephone service offered by Verizon. Airfone allows passengers to make telephone calls in-flight. An Airfone telephone is usually located in the seatback of the seat in front of the passenger, there may only be one per row in coach class, while first class may have one per seat. Airfone phone calls are usually quite expensive compared to ground-based telephone calls, costing $3.99 per call and $4.99 per minute in 2006. Bell Mobility used the Airfone technology on Air Canada flights, but brands its service Skytel (no relation to the Verizon-owned paging firm of the same name). Calls were often discounted or free for customers of airplane-based catalogs like Sky Mall, and Verizon Wireless subscribers can pay $10 per month and 10 cents a call or a flat 69 cents per call with no monthly fee. Airfone could be used for very slow modem calls, and attempts at data service were made in 2003 and 2004 using an on-board email proxy server. Many of the in-flight calls made by victims of 9/11 were made over Airfone and Air One. Airfone's primary competitor was Air One, operated by AT&T Wireless division Claircom Communications Group, and was available

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