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About Acette

Acette is an Information Technology System Integrator, Software Engineering and Consulting firm headquartered in Dubai Internet City. Acette provides technology strategy consulting services, enterprise application integration services, Information technology enabled services and Value-added reseller services to banks and other financial services companies, industrial companies, trading houses and government organizations in Asia, and Africa. The name Acette (pr. aye~set) is derived from the terms ‘ace’, meaning expertise, and the encapsulating suffix ‘ette’; which when read together as Acette supposedly signifies ‘expertise encapsulated’. Acette says its corporate philosophy is that it’s [sic] customers should derive value to their business from both domain knowledge and technical expertise encapsulated in Acette’s services, solutions and products. In early 2002, Acette developed a range of SMS solutions to cater to the messaging requirements of various industry verticals, such as financial services, logistics and manufacturing industries. Large enterprises such international courier service companies have implemented proof of delivery systems that employ Acette’s SMS messaging

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