Acer Records

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About Acer Records

  • Artists: Tim Scott
  • Releases: Guitar Mashing

Acer Records was developed from the name for Tim’s personal studio facility “Acer Studios” named so because of the red Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) that grew at the drive gateway to the studio premises and hence the Acer palmatum leaf outline in the logo design.
Tim’s first release “Bald On The Inside” was released in 2003 throughout the UK in Borders Music and Book Shops under the trading name Acer Studios which subsequently has since changed to Acer Records.
The Acer Records leaf logo is very easily recognisable and was designed by the graphic designer Laura Turner originally for Acer Studios but was soon altered to be used primarily for Acer Records.
Acer Records was officially registered with PPL in August 2008 and recognised internationally as an independent label by the Board at PPL during December 2008 and so now has its own unique ISRC codes and LC numbers.
Tim’s albums “Bald On The Inside” and “Guitar Mashing” are now internationally fully registered copyright works with PRS, MCPS and PPL with Tim Scott as the artist and his independent record label “Acer Records” as the exclusive rights holder to these works and administrator of any usage via MCPS.

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