A History of Now

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About A History of Now

  • Release Date: 2011-02-08
  • Release of: A History of Now
  • Track list: A History of Now

Every moment has its story…welcome to the History of NOW! In a world which seems to change beyond recognition in the space of a heartbeat, Asian Dub Foundation meet the challenge with an electrifying new album. “A History of Now” is ADF in widescreen with a vast array of sonic weapons at their disposal, from the strings of CHI2 to the radical melodies of Nathan “Flutebox” Lee udating and expanding their sound considerably but still staying true to their distinctive genre-smashing spirit. The line-up that made “Punkara” has grown in ability and confidence and the twin vocal attack of Al Rumjen and Aktarvator are on top form. DJ Sun-J and guitarist Chandrasonic have shared the production duties this time and the musical territory swings from the familiar punky drum nʼ bass of “A New London Eye” and “Urgency Frequency” to the Indo -Dub of “Temple Siren (Fool Dem)” and “London to Tokyo” via the more contemplative textures of “In Another Life” and “Power of Ten”. Lead track “A History of Now” sets the lyrical tone for the album – “Too many ideas running round inside my brain…canʼt tell the difference between my TV, internet or me” and reminds us “You canʼt download the sun”. Fundamentally “A History of Now” is a powered-up meditation on the modern world, asking what kind of people we are becoming (“Urgency / Frequency “ ) and warning us about the dangers of becoming slaves to ever mutating new technology (“Futureproof”). There is a Japan only tribute to the great city of Tokyo, and also a special appearance by original ADF bassist Dr. Das on “This Land is not for Sale”. Whether we like it or not weʼre ALL living in the History of Now , so who could be a better guide than Asian Dub Foundation …

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