About Rankly

Rankly is a place for people who love lists.

rankly.com wants to revolutionize the world of lists.

Lists are broken. They haven’t changed in decades. They're not interactive and definitely not social. Yet people still love lists. We all do. They help us organize all the clutter around us. And when they work, they help us separate the good stuff from the bad.

Enter rankly.com. Rankly is a new take on lists; social, collaborative and interactive lists. Rankly is Tripadvisor - for everything.

Rankly allows anybody to create a list about anything. The author and main curator of the list determines an overall theme for the list and then surrenders the list into public domain. The original author only retains partial control of the list - by for example deciding which new items are allowed on the list. Other than that, the list and the rankings of each item on it belongs to the crowd.

Microbrew heaven

Erling Løken Andersen is the founder of rankly.com - and a dedicated microbrew enthusiast. Originally, he set out to create an online list dedicated only to beer:

- I tried finding lists about the best beers out there, but I was disappointed at the lack of centralized information. It’s really hard to find a good, authorative and extensive list of good beers and microbrews. In part, this is because most lists online are composed by a few select editors - so they’re bound to miss lots of information.
- I wanted to make the entire list-creation process social - so that anybody can contribute and share information. It’s a democratic approach to listmaking.

Having found the ideal solution to his “best beers”-conundrum, Andersen realized the concept could also be extended to other areas:

- I figured I wasn’t the only one having trouble finding good information on a specific topic; so we re-engineered the list creation algorithm to allow any type of information. And that’s how rankly.com was born.

rankly.com launched 15th of November 2012 and has offices in Oslo, Norway and San Francisco, California.